India make a killing, clinch 8 gold in SpiceJet India Open

New Delhi, February 1: Indian boxers regaled their roaring fans with a bountiful of eight gold medals in the SpiceJet India Open International Boxing Tournament along with , led by the inimitable Mary Kom, Sanjeet, Manish Kaushik, Pwilao Basumatary, Lovlina Borgohain,Pinky and Maneesha and Amit here at theThyagaraj Stadium on Thursday.

Uzbekistan and Cuba underlined their class and domination in the middle and heavy categories, helping themselves to five and four gold respectively.

Five-time world champion Mary Kom got the loudest cheers as she overcame pain and a determined opponent 4-1 in Josie Gabuco of the Phillipines in the light-fly final.

She began on a cautious note, ensuring that she had enough power and punch left for the final rounds. She showed her swiftness and experience as she beat Josie Gabuco.

India had as many as 18 boxers in the 18-card final. Assam would be particularly proud of their ladies, with Pwilao and Lovlina emerging as the next generation of golden girls.

Pwilao got the better of Sudaporn Seesondee (Thailand) 3-2 in te light-welter category while Lovlina had it easier against Pooja in the Welter division.

The country, however, suffered an unexpected setback in the form of former world champion Sarita Devi. She lost to Finland’s Marjut Mira Potkonan by a split decision in the light weight category.

Sanjeet began the gold march in the men’s heavyweight category, as he managed a split decision verdict over fancied Sanjar Tursunov of Uzbekistan.

India’s second disappointment came in the middle-weight division where Cameroon’s lanky and wiry Essiane Clotilde easily beat Saweety Boora. She brooked no opposition and scripted short route victories, both, in the semifinal and the final to take the gold.

Uzbekistan’s Bobo-Usmon Baturov was the most effective boxer, notching a convincing victory over India’s Dinesh in the welter weight category.

Cuba who lost their opening bout of the morning when Iglesias Estrada fell to Uzbekistan’s Israel Madrimov, continued their impressive run in the tournament with David Osvary Gutierrez ekking out a 4-1 win over India’s Devanshu Jaiswal in the light heavy weight division.

Late in the evening, India’s Anwar Salman Shaikh raised visions of fetching India another gold when he fought Uzbekistan’s Khudoynazar Fayzov ragged, both boxers intimidating and enticing each other to take a shot at their face while exposing it for a punch. Though Anwar was more on target, the Uzbek boxer’s overall scoring was eventually higher than that of the Indian to win gold.



Men’s Welter (69 KG) : Bobo-Usmon Baturov (UZB) bt Dinesh (IND) 5-0.

Gold – Bobo-Usmon Baturov (UZB)

Silver – Dinesh (IND)

Bronze – Duryodhan Singh Negi (IND) & Manoj Kumar (IND)

Men’s Middle (75 KG) : Israil Madrimov (UZB) bt Iglesias Osiey Estrada (CUB) 3-2.

Gold – Israil Madrimov (UZB)

Silver – Iglesias Osiey Estrada (CUB)

Bronze – Mandeep Jangra (IND) & Tursynbay Kulakhmet (KAZ)

Men’s Ligh Heavy (81 KG) : Daivd Osvary Gutierrez (CUB) bt Devanshu Jaiswal (IND) 4-1.

Gold – Daivd Osvary Gutierrez (CUB)

Silver – Devanshu Jaiswal (IND)

Bronze – Kuandyk Zhussip (KAZ) & Shabbos Negmatullaev (TJK)

Men’s Heavy (91 KG) : Sanjeet (IND) bt Sanjar Tursunov (UZB) 3-2.

Gold – Sanjeet (IND)

Silver – Sanjar Tursunov (UZB)

Bronze – Naman Tanwar (IND) & Sumit Sangwan (IND)

Men’s Super Heavy (+91 KG) : Bakhodir Jalolov (UZB) bt Satish Kumar (IND ) 4-1.

Gold – Bakhodir Jalolov (UZB)

Silver – Satish Kumar (IND)

Bronze – Toirac Yohandi Ortega (CUB) & Evans Keddy Agnes (SEY)

Men’s Light Fly : Amit (IND) bt Shyam Kumar Kakara (IND) 5-0

Gold – Amit (IND)

Silver – Shyam Kumar Kakara (IND)

Bronze – Nutlai Lalbiakkima (IND) & Thani Narinram (THA)  

Men’s Fly (52 KG) : Khudoynazar Fayzov (UZB) bt Anwar Salman Shaikh (IND) 4-1

Gold –  Khudoynazar Fayzov (UZB)

Silver – Anwar Salman Shaikh (IND)

Bronze – Marvin Tabamo (PHL) & Gaurav Solanki (IND)

Men’s Bantam (56 KG) :  Abdulkhay Sharakhmatov (UZB) bt Enkh-Amar Kharkhuu (MGL) 5-0

Gold –  Abdulkhay Sharakhmatov (UZB)

Silver – Enkh-Amar Kharkhuu (MGL)

Bronze – Etash Khan (IND) & Hussamuddin Mohammad (IND)

Men’s Light (60 KG) : Manish Kaushik (IND ) bt Battumur Misheelt (MGL) W/O.

Gold – Manish Kaushik (IND )

Silver – Battumur Misheelt (MGL)

Bronze – Shiva Thapa (IND A) & Ankush Dahiya (IND ) 

Men’s Light Welter (64 KG) : Moiran Jorge Vinent (CUB) bt Ikboljon Kholdarov (UZB) 4-1

Gold – Moiran Jorge Vinent (CUB)

Silver – Ikboljon Kholdarov (UZB)

Bronze – Rohit Tokas (IND) & Dherraj (IND)

Women’s Light (57-60 KG) : Marjut Mira Potkonan (FIN) bt L.Sarita Devi (IND) 3-2.

Gold – Marjut Mira Potkonan (FIN)

Silver – L.Sarita Devi (IND)

Bronze – Pavitra (IND) & Priyanka Choudhary (IND)

Women’s Light Welter (60-64 KG) : Pwilao Basumatary (IND) vs Sudapon Seesondee (THA) 3-2

Gold – Pwilao Basumatary (IND)

Silver – Sudapon Seesondee (THA)

Bronze – Punam Rawal (IND) & Simranjit Kaur (IND)

 Women’s Welter (64-69 KG) : Lovlina Borgohain (IND) bt Pooja (IND) 4-1

Gold – Lovlina Borgohain (IND)

Silver – Pooja (IND)

Bronze – Erdenetuya Enkhbaatar (MGL) & Heena Tokas (IND)

Women’s Middle (69-75 KG) : Essiane Clotilde (CMR) bt Saweety Boora (IND) RSC R3

Gold – Essiane Clotilde (CMR)

Silver – Saweety Boora (IND)

Bronze – Panich Suchada (THA) & Alari Boro (IND)

Women’s Light Fly (45-48 KG) : MC Mary Kom (IND) bt Josie Gabuco (PHL) 4-1.

Gold – MC Mary Kom (IND)

Silver – Josie Gabuco (PHL)

Bronze – Altansetseg Lutsaikhan (MGL) & Monika (IND)  

Women’s Fly (48-51 KG) : Pinki Rani (IND) bt Jargalan Ochirbat (MGL) 4-1.

Gold –  Pinki Rani (IND)

Silver – Jargalan Ochirbat (MGL)

Bronze – Chuthamat Raksat (THA) & Sarjubala Devi (IND)

Women’s Bantam (51-54 KG) : Manisha (IND) bt M Meenakumari (IND) 4-1

Gold – Manisha (IND)

Silver – M Meenakumari (IND)

Bronze – Bimala Shrestha (NPL) & Jamuna Boro (IND)

Women’s Feather ( 54-57 KG) : Neshty Petecio (PHL) bt Sonia (IND) 5-0

Gold – Neshty Petecio (PHL)

Silver – Sonia (IND)

Bronze –  Marwam Christian Jembay (INA) & Shashi Chopra (IND)